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Donation options

SKEMA Giving:
donation options
to suit everyone

and parents of students
Make a donation

Whether occasional or regular, every donation is a force for the development of SKEMA Business School and contributes to raising its profile. So give what you can and, in return, you will not only be eligible for significant tax deductions but, if you wish, you can also have your or your child’s name put somewhere at the heart of the Grand Paris campus.

Recent graduates Make a small monthly donation logo-young-givers

For those who graduated within the last five years, we have created the Young Giver option: a donation of €10 per month (€3.40 after the income tax deduction). In acknowledgment of your support, your name will be listed on the Young Donors’ Wall at the heart of the Grand Paris campus.

Companies Make a donation
and claim corporation tax relief

Support SKEMA Business School by making a corporate donation, 60% of which can be deducted from the Impôt sur les Sociétés, and have your company name placed at the heart of the Grand Paris campus.

A tailored
just for you

We wish to honour your support by allowing you to choose your own form of recognition. Perhaps you’d like to have your name appear on some special part of the Grand Paris campus or on a space at your Lille or Sophia Antipolis campus? Let’s have a chat about it!

Classmates Group
your donations

Organise a group collection, take up the challenge of a Class Gift... and have your class year recognised on a space at the Grand Paris campus.

Your tax benefits

Whichever support option you choose, if you pay taxes in France all donations made via SKEMA Giving are tax deductible:

income tax
66 %
of your donation is deductible to a maximum of 20% of your taxable income

real estate wealth tax
75 %
of your donation is deductible to a maximum deduction of €50,000/year

corporation tax
60 %
of your donation is deductible to a maximum of 0.5% of the company’s turnover

When to make a donation

  • Before 31 December of each year to be eligible for an income tax deduction
  • Before the income tax return filing deadline to deduct your donation from the “impôt sur la fortune immobilière” (French real estate wealth tax).
  • Before the end of the current financial year to be eligible for a tax deduction on your “impôt sur les sociétés” (French corporation tax)

Do you live overseas?

You too can support SKEMA Business School’s development. Please contact us for more information.

The same recognition
for all our SKEMA Givers:

your name placed at the heart of the Grand Paris campus

Where will we have the honour of putting your name?

Choose your space